Living in Oklahoma, USA

Living in Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma, the city of natural gas and oil and the primary source of agriculture in United States. You can read it in Oklahoma news that there are several apartments and housing constructions everywhere. It only means that you are in the place where you have a high potential business opportunity.

Living in Oklahoma is a luxury because the city itself has a high cost of living. But the business opportunity is also great. You can own luxury apartments in Oklahoma City Likewise, you can also construct cheap apartments for average income earners. Whether cheap or expensive apartment it is, you need to exercise proper etiquette in living in an apartment. You have to remember that rooms are firmly attached to each other’s wall. You need to lower down the noise and you need to exercise caution in bringing people inside the compound.

You need to think about your neighbours if you let other people in. It may cause them disturbance and discomforts. You need to attend to your laundry. You have to buy your appliances and supplies.

You need to ask your landlord if they allow smoking in the apartment. You also need to maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings. Be responsible for your garbage and waste disposal because it is a very critical issue once you neglect the proper waste management in an apartment. Flies and other pests may cause health problems to your neighbours.

There are apartment owners who don’t want pets to live with their tenants. They might bite the kids or cause trouble and loud noise if they see strangers aside from their owners. You need to keep your pets away from the neighbours and if possible keep them low because their noise can distract other people.

Smoking and drinking is a big NO in apartment. You can disturb your neighbours if you have a party at night especially if the walls are not concrete. Little sound frequency will be heard from the other side of the room. So be observant to all your moves.

If you have a baby, make sure not to let him cry because the sound will create chaos to others who are sleeping late at night. If you have little kids, maintain low voice inside the house and don not let them shout outside anywhere the premise. There are people who work in their rooms, and they don’t want to be disturbed.

Lastly, lend a hand to your old neighbours if they need to. There are old people whose children are working away from them so check them once in a while. It’s not a responsibility though, but it is a good camaraderie to other people.

To sum it up, be a real apartment tenant because you are not living alone in that area. Pay your monthly rental so that your landlord will not kick you out of the flat. Remember that apartment is a business for them so you better remuneration and act responsibly to your monthly dues.

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